Faraday Future:纳斯达克警示函仅仅与FF公司推迟提交Q3财报相关


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  日前,一些关注FFIE的人士询问Faraday Future(FF)收到纳斯达克警示函,是否意味着纳斯达克要求FFIE退市。这是错误的解读。



  目前,FF发现一些社交账号和自媒体文章对此进行了明显的错误性解读。FF正在努力尽快提交Q3 10-Q,预计很快将会恢复到纳斯达克规则下的正常状态。FF非常感谢外界对FF公司的关注,并期待在2022年7月如期量产并高质量交付FF 91。

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Faraday Future:纳斯达克警示函仅仅与FF公司推迟提交Q3财报相关 (http://www.k-yun.cn/) IT界 第1张

  Faraday Future responds to questions on NASDAQ delinquency notice

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  A number of FFIE followers have asked whether the standard NASDAQ delinquency notice means that NASDAQ plans to delist FFIE stock.  The answer is “no”. 

  To be clear, the NASDAQ delinquency notice is typical in these circumstances and strictly related to our delayed Q3 10-Q filing.  Here are the procedural details, for those who are interested: We have 60 days after receipt of the notice (and up to an additional 15 days for good cause) to file our compliance plan with NASDAQ, and our compliance plan may provide for up to 180 days after the original due date for our 10-Q to file the 10-Q and any other delinquent filings.  Once we file our compliance plan with NASDAQ in a timely manner, and file our 10-Q and any other delinquent filings within the time period set forth in such plan, which we will do as quickly as possible, we will regain compliance under NASDAQ rules. 

  Faraday Future is in regular contact with NASDAQ regarding our plan and progress (toward resolving the late filing issue) and we are confident that we will be back in compliance in the relatively near future.  As long as we return to a normal SEC filing schedule promptly, there is no material risk of our stock being delisted.

  We have seen a number of social media posts and own-media articles which appear to misunderstand the situation.  Rest assured that we are working diligently to file our Q3 10-Q and expect to return to normal NASDAQ status soon.  We appreciate your interest in Faraday Future and look forward to launching the FF 91 on schedule in July 2022.

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  11/29 2021


Faraday Future:纳斯达克警示函仅仅与FF公司推迟提交Q3财报相关 (http://www.k-yun.cn/) IT界 第2张